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Ministry for providing clothing for families with children in need in our city.


A video history of Swaddlers

Christmas Socks and Underwear 2022

          The Swaddlers Ministry team has had a very busy year in 2022.  As of November 30, the team has assisted 234 families with 400 children by distributing over 14,800 items valued at $22,100. We estimate that we will help more than 440 children by the end of the year.  For comparison, in 2020 and 2021 we helped 220 and 393 children respectively.  The need is ever increasing.

          In addition to the clothing we provide, each child receives 5 pairs of socks and 5 pairs of underwear (or 3 onesies for the babies).  Based upon the number of children we have helped, that adds up to about 2,000 socks and approximately 1,200 pairs of underwear and 480 onesies.

          During the holiday season, the Swaddlers Ministry would appreciate your help with donations of socks and underwear.  Underwear in sizes 2t/3t, 4, and 6 is needed. Sock sizes for baby, toddlers, small, and medium (shoe size 13 is the maximum).  The donation of these items will assure that Swaddlers is able to continue to provide the children we help sufficient useful quantities. 

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